Friday, 8 June 2012

Is an ancient Volcano about to rupt again? Mt Tambora June 2012

This is an article found on the Discovery News website last year,  I'm not saying anything I report here will happen, but it may be what could be on the horizon.

I am starting to gather together information an try and take a look at events, natural and man made, and see if there ar connections between any or all.

I know there are many dead ends, but I am looking at a lot of jigsaw pieces and i don't know if it is from one jigsaw or many. Ineither know what picture those jigsaws will show or even if the image will be fiction or fact. I hope in some cases maybe even most that I'm wrong, but it won't stop me, I won't know whether I was right or wrong in my understanding until the end.

If I am wrong well so be it, I may be seen as a loon, but that is better than being right and keeping quiet.

One thing is sure, whether natural, man made or God sent we are in for great tribulations and its my belief we face troubles from every where.

God Bless.  

Mt. Tambora Rumblings Put Indonesia on Alert: Big Pic

Sept. 23, 2011 — Will the site of the world's deadliest volcano erupt with deadly force again?

Increased rumblings from Indonesia's Mount Tambora have experts asking that question. Given the potential consequences, experts have raised the volcano alert to its second-highest level.

NEWS: Ancient Source of Earth's Biggest Eruptions Found

The 1815 volcanic eruption at Mount Tambora was the largest one in recorded history. It killed at least 71,000 people. The sulfur dioxide and other chemicals that the eruption spewed into the atmosphere blocked sunlight and cooled the Earth, creating the "Year Without a Summer."

Experts are now saying that the volcano is ready to erupt again. A sequence of earthquakes has "been shaking the island at increasing frequency since April," according to the Washington Post.

No one knows how big the eruption may be. Some predict it is unlikely to repeat the deadly killing blast of the past. Nonetheless, "active disaster preparedness is underway with evacuation routes mapped and armed forces pre-deployed if the worst occurs (alert status reaching the highest level)," according to the Washington Post.

Photo credit: NASA

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